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Preparing children for secondary school admission tests.

Taking bookings for 2026  and beyond
(current Year 3 children)
A boy is smiling, as he has solved a puzzle

What is Test Club?

Test Club is a weekly, one-hour tutoring session focusing on verbal and non-verbal reasoning, essential for the Wandsworth Test and other admission tests. It operates from January in Year 5 to the test date in September of Year 6, with a small group model to enhance motivation.

What will my child learn at Test Club?

Students start by mastering strategies for various question types, progressing to identifying and applying the right strategy before practicing with papers to improve pace, accuracy, and confidence.

Can you guarantee my child will pass the Wandsworth Test?

No guarantees can be made, and any tutor promising such should be avoided. The aim is thorough preparation, ensuring the child feels confident in verbal and non-verbal reasoning, enhancing performance on test day.

What is the cost of Test Club?

Each one-hour group session is £30 per student, excluding practice materials (allow approximately £50).

Where is Test Club located?

Test Club is held in Furzedown, five minutes from Graveney School. Additionally, bespoke groups can be arranged at students' homes or schools, with a waiting list for such groups. Parents interested in hosting a group for Year 5 students can inquire for details.

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