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Preparing children for secondary school admission tests.

Taking bookings for 2025 and beyond
(current Year 3 children)

What is Test Club?

It is a weekly one hour tutoring session for up to six children focussing on verbal and non-verbal reasoning, the two components of the Wandsworth Test and some other admission tests.

We start in the January of Year 5 and run right up to the test date in September of Year 6 (term time only.) My experience has found that the small group model is more motivating and less overwhelming than individual tutoring for test preparation.  However, I can offer occasional 1:1 sessions in the lead up to the test date, subject to availability.

What will my child be learning at Test Club?

We begin by learning all the strategies for all the question types, moving on to identifying which strategy to use for a particular question before applying it to find the correct answer.  Only when this is secure do we start to use practice papers to build up pace, accuracy and confidence.

Can you guarantee my child will pass their Wandsworth Test?

Sorry, I can't. Particularly if I haven't yet met them and personally I would avoid any tutor who makes such a promise. Once I have spent some time working with my groups I will have a good idea of each student's ability - some children clearly find verbal and non-verbal reasoning tests tougher than other children.  What I can do is to make sure your child is thoroughly prepared and secure in their VR and NVR knowledge and test technique so that they feel confident about sitting the tests and perform as well as they can on the day. A large part of my day job working with children with dyslexia involves helping children to feel positive about themselves as learners so I am very experienced in building children's confidence.

What is the cost of Test Club?

Each one hour group session is £30 per student.  (Practice books and practice test papers are not included, please allow approximately £50.)

Where is Test Club located?

Traditionally, Test Club takes place in my home in Furzedown, five minutes from Graveney School. 

Traditionally, I also run bespoke Test Club groups at students'  houses or schools, but there is a two year waiting list for these groups. Do get in touch if your child is currently in Year 3 or below and you would like to discuss setting up a Test Club group in your home for your child and their school mates when they reach Year 5.  Maximum of 4 children. I can put you in touch with one of my lovely current hosting parents to explain the benefits and how this works.

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