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Preparing for Interviews

We are delighted to introduce Alison Rogers who is our interview preparation expert

A picture of Alison, smiling

Purpose of Interview Skills Training

The sessions work on how to come across effectively in interviews. Your child has worked on tests, practiced answers, covered what will be said. Have they prepared for how to come across well? This is a vital and often overlooked part of the process. Interview preparation will give them time to ensure technique is effective and robust. 

Who are sessions this aimed at?

Students being interviewed for school / university places. I work across all boroughs –  not just Wandsworth. 

Where do they take place?   Usually in your home.

What is covered?

I will work with your son / daughter to identify areas of their interview technique that will benefit from being developed. Primarily, how to present well and create a positive first impression. Also, what pitfalls to avoid. Schools often focus on content; this session is specifically about how to come across. We often assume candidates instinctively know how to conduct themselves in interviews, without giving any opportunities to practice and reflect on the skill set needed to create a strong impression. Everyone benefits from a “rehearsal” and active interview preparation. 

What happens in a session?

I will meet the pupil and conduct a mini interview.  I then give feedback and together we work on any gaps identified. Some pupils need just one session, others more. Sessions are on a one to one basis.


The cost of a session is £120. This includes follow up notes and telephone support where needed.

Parental Involvement

I will work with the pupil on their own initially and then we will both demonstrate progression to the parent / carer. This ensures parents / carers are equipped with ideas and strategies to support their child’s progression as they prepare for interviews.


This is an interactive process with the student contributing their ideas and self-identifying areas to work on. I actively support pupils to increase their confidence about being interviewed and to ensure they are ready to give of their best.

About Alison

I have been teaching for over 20 years. I am passionate about teaching effective communication skills. I have experience of working at several schools, including Dulwich College, Sydenham High School, JAGS and St Dunstan’s. I teach in a relaxed and fun way whilst challenging pupils to achieve their full potential.

Contact Alison directly to discuss your child's interview needs.

07790 613802

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